From then to now.

About AVJ

Hey there - Alfredo (Fred) here. Owner/editor of AVJ Events. As an editor, my goal is simple, take your video along with any other digital assets and create something memorable. From concept to finish product, you and I will create a powerful message providing maximum impact. Whether corporate videos, tutorials, trailers or family footage, all clients will recieve the utmost attention and respect. You'll be there along the way as I provide a special link that allows you to submit feedback and comments of your project sending directly to my edit timeline. 

At AVJ, I strive to give a one-of-a-kind experience while providing a finish product that you and your audience will remember for a very long time.


AVJ Events was created in 2007 as a sports promotion company! Crazy right?! Not really. It was during this time I found my passion of video editing.


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